Now including example!

To save you the effort of creating suitable assets just to try out Edddy a sample project is now included as a separate download.


Sample project 263 kB
Jul 17, 2019

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It doesn't work for me, any instructions on how to install or compile it or some dependency, I'm using: Ubuntu 19.04 Release: 19.04 Codename: disco

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Could you try the newly added script from the repository?

EDIT: Hm, it seems to run a lot slower on my machine when built through that script...

For now it remains a mystery to me as to why this is, but - if the same is true for you - it should run smoother if you build using QtCreator (sudo apt-get install qtcreator). The contents of the build script could help you achieve this.


Thank you very much!!, I compiled it and now it worked fine ;)

Awesome! ツ

Which method did you use in the end, the script or QtCreator?


I used the script method