In honour of Urho – namesake of Urho3D – and in celebration of open source software in general LucKey Productions presents:

A-Mazing Urho!

The goal of the game is simple. Eat all the shrimp as quickly as you can without touching any of the harmful hazards that the ocean holds. To be the fastest fish, timing is essential.

Every single part of this game was made using only free and open source software.


Pressing the movement keys right before you reach the center of a square gives you the maximum speed increase. A plop of a higher pitch indicates a greater increase in velocity.

UpSwim forward
LeftTurn left
RightTurn right


As with all LucKey productions, A-Mazing Urho's source code is available through GitLab.

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A-Mazing Urho for Linux 64-bit ⌚ T-1m30s 15 MB
Version 4 Oct 11, 2018